The Science, Ethics, and Spirituality of Regenerative Farming BY KATHLEEN WILLCOX JULY 6, 2022 regenerative farming movement appears to finally be reaching critical mass with consumers increasingly demanding sustainably produced wine.

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No Longer a Secret, Red Mountain Earns Its Place In the Spotlight AVA within an AVA within an AVA, Red Mountain has long flown under the radar while producing some of the world's best wines. Find out why.

Is Inflation Coming for Your Cabernet? prices for gas and meat, wine prices have not been skyrocketing—but that will change very soon. Here’s how much sticker shock wine drinkers can expect in 2022

Auction Washington Wines - Industry Spotlight What is your/your family’s story around your winery? My parents met in Guadalajara, Mexico in 1975 and then married in Paris in 1976. Tom worked in international produce for six years, first in Buenos Aires, Argentina and then northeast Canada. Canada was not their favorite place to live, so they headed back to Washington in early 1986, and started looking for “phase two” of their lives.

True to His Roots Philippe Melka began his search for the essence of the vineyards that he cultivates three decades ago. He launched his journey from the University of Bordeaux where he studied agronomy, enology and geology, then explored how soil shaped the character of Château Haut-Brion, Chittering Estate, Badia a Coltibuono, Dominus Estate and Château Pétrus varietals and blends.

6 Washington State Wineries You Should Know 6 Washington State Wineries You Should Know If you want to experience the best wineries in Washington, you need to visit these Red Mountain gems, plus the book to read before you go.

Red Mountain AVA Celebrates 20th Anniversary

https://www.discoverwashington... The impact of the AVA isn’t limited to just vineyards and wineries located on Red Mountain. It extends statewide via wineries all over the state that utilize the area’s grapes in many of the wines they produce.

So You’re Thinking About Joining a Wine Club ... Media outlets, retailers, importers and restaurants all want your business. Here’s a hint: Look for transparency, real wineries and customer service.

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