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October Recipe of the Month - Seafood Cioppino by Fat Olives Restaurant

Select your seafood you wish to use for your Cioppino, we usually use Scallops, shrimp, fresh clams, and fresh fish.

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Red Mountain Recipe Series - Farm Fresh Butter by Wayne Didier

What can be better than Farm Fresh Butter on Fresh Sourdough Bread you ask....Wayne's Farm Fresh Butter!

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Happy 20th Anniversary Red Mountain!

You became an official AVA in April 2001, but your legacy and roots have much more history.

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Red Mountain Recipe Series -Salade de Carrotes Râpées by Anne-Marie Hedges

French people love their “crudités” in the summer. That sounds like something amazing to eat but in reality, the translation in English is something like “raw vegetables.”

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Red Mountain Recipe Series with Fast & Curryous

Malvan is located on India’s western coast and has a distinctive cuisine based largely on seafood, coconut and rice. We have attempted to capture the flavors of this region in our Malvani coconut shrimp curry. We make this dish using an array of freshly ground spices, onions, tamarind, fresh coconut, and coconut milk. The shrimp is sautéed in this curry sauce and served over a bed of basmati rice and topped with fresh cilantro.

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Red Mountain Recipe Series - Qué PUNCH! by Moniker

Qué PUNCH will be featured on Moniker's new patio - coming soon!

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The Things that Drive Us!

If you have been to Hedges in person and seen the Biodynamic vineyards, the chateau, the organic gardens, the chickens, the French inspired tasting room and grounds you have no doubt been transported to another place in time.

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Red Mountain Recipe Series - Poulet Yvonne Au Champagne by Anne Marie Hedges

Anne Marie Hedges "This recipe is great with mashed potatoes, roasted potatoes, or rice and a cooked green vegetable of your choice…and of course a glass of Champagne.

My mother loved to make this dish but she did not use a written recipe. When cooking, use your best judgement as this recipe is only a guide. Cooking is fun, enjoy!"

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Red Mountain Recipe Series - Lomo Saltado by Ninja Bistro

Lomo Saltado is a national dish of Peru. It's literal definition is stir fried beef. It's a fusion of Inca, Asian, & European. It's Asian influence comes from the Chinese immigrants of the late 1800's. The fusion emerged as a whole new authentic Peruvian cuisine known as Chifa, which means "to eat" in Mandarin. The Aji Amarillo paste is Inca's food and is a staple in many Peruvian dishes. The French fries offer it's European influence. I first experienced this dish in LA at a Peruvian restaurant and I chose to feature this dish because of it's true representation of an Asian fusion dish.
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