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It's not that easy bein' green.

“It’s not that easy bein’ green.”

Kermit, we agree. It’s not that easy being green, but is it worth it? Yes.

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It’s a New Year and we are ready to start again! After much reflection, and wine, at the end of 2022 we are excited to begin anew with 37 years of history behind us and a bright future ahead of us. The wine business has undergone many changes since our beginning in 1987, and going into each year we need to renew, refresh, and change in positive ways. We always look to accomplish great things every year, and this year we are really honing in on why we are here, and why we continue to pursue excellence in every sector of our business.

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Roasted Squash Agnolotti Paired with our 2019 Goedhart Syrah

"This recipe is combination of some of my favorite Fall flavors. I hope you enjoy making it with your family or friends this season." Chef Aislinn

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Rosé Toute La Journée!!!

We are celebrating Rosé all month long and paying homage to this delectably quaffable beverage. We couldn’t do a celebration justice without going back to the roots of this pink drink. Released every spring to our Wine Club. Join us!

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As every year comes to a close, we tend to evaluate the ups and downs, not only with our own lives, but also as a business.

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November Recipes of the Month - Our Winter Warmer Sunday Paninis

Try these at home or join us for our Winter Warmer Sunday's at the Winery and we will make one for you!

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October Recipe of the Month - Seafood Cioppino by Fat Olives Restaurant

Select your seafood you wish to use for your Cioppino, we usually use Scallops, shrimp, fresh clams, and fresh fish.

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Red Mountain Recipe Series - Farm Fresh Butter by Wayne Didier

What can be better than Farm Fresh Butter on Fresh Sourdough Bread you ask....Wayne's Farm Fresh Butter!

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Happy 20th Anniversary Red Mountain!

You became an official AVA in April 2001, but your legacy and roots have much more history.

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