It’s a New Year and we are ready to start again! After much reflection, and wine, at the end of 2022 we are excited to begin anew with 37 years of history behind us and a bright future ahead of us. The wine business has undergone many changes since our beginning in 1987, and going into each year we need to renew, refresh, and change in positive ways. We always look to accomplish great things every year, and this year we are really honing in on why we are here, and why we continue to pursue excellence in every sector of our business.

We are here to farm, here to produce, and here to sell…. why?

Biodynamic farming: Because Mother Earth demands it and we have a responsibility to oblige. As Chief Seattle stated, “We do not inherit the Earth, we borrow it from our children.”

Biodynamic and minimal input winemaking: Because wine should be made from grapes and reflect the land they are grown in, nothing more.

Selling wine globally: Because delivering authentic and honest wine from a farm that respects the land is a must for us in a world of factory wine and farming methods that destroy instead of nurture. Because our wine is a reflection of our ethics and values for our cause of regenerative farming and authentic products.

We are continually evaluating our why, and we challenge you to do the same. We dare you to dive deeper not only into your own why, but also into the why’s of the wines you swirl and sip. Do they stand for something? Do they respect the limited resources left on this earth? Do they promote substance? Are they a simple recipe of grapes and human hands, or a longer list of ingredients and automation? Do they come from a business with a real purpose, or are they just another label on a bottle? Are they another product from millions of gallons of bulk wine, a celebrity’s hobby, or a diet wine? Does it really bring you joy to know you are drinking a living breathing product of passion or will any grape beverage in a bottle do?

In this global economy and supply chain, it has become harder to know where things really come from and what businesses stand for. Most of our why is bringing back simplicity. The simple act of a meal with people you love, with wine and food that reflects hard work, passion, and perhaps a bit of nostalgia when the choice of what wine to put on your table had a clear origin and purpose for being. Wine should not be a cheap commodity; nor should it be an unattainable status symbol. Wine should bring joy, spark curious conversation, elevate the senses, and make one think about the time and place in which the wine was made, the people behind the product, and the stories behind the label.

What does your swirl say?

We value each and every one of our customers and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support in letting us bring our authentic products to the world, it means so much, and we are grateful and can’t wait for what the new year brings!

Thank you also to our amazing employees, the lifeblood of our company. Your hard work and dedication are everything to us!

We are ready for you 2023!


Our team has a few words to share….

“Proper wine is one of the most quintessential parts of the human experience, and Hedges exists to make it in an uncompromising, traditional, and sustainable way.”

– Eoin Ready, East Coast Sales Manager

“At age 35, the idea I would be immersed in the Washington wine industry forever struck me like a bolt of lightning…it was what I was meant to be!
Now, more than half my life later, our legacy of doing something great for Red Mountain, and now for the family, and the environment, keeps me going.”

– Tom Hedges, Owner, and Founder

“Wine is not a commodity, it is a product of natural consequences, led by a few, and enjoyed by those who care. The Hedges mark is a statement of truth in labeling, and our price for accessibility to these wines is driven not only by value but by the pride we see in our customers.”

– Christophe Hedges, Global Sales Manager

“When I arrived at the Estate, met the family, and tasted the wines I was a believer. After living in Europe for 16 years and honing my palate on old-world wines that showed a sense of place, I was a fan of Hedges and Red Mountain! I love working for a family estate, where we grow the grapes, make the wines, and bottle them. It’s a magical place to visit and you can always count on pure, well-balanced, delicious wines!”

– Kathy Joyce, Wine Club/DTC Director

“A delicious dish paired with a perfectly matched glass of wine is the apex of culinary delight and it does bring a sense of pleasure and happiness around the dinner table. Knowing that our wine can bring warmth and joie de vivre to families and friends is an important part of why I enjoy our winery life.”

– Anne-Marie Hedges, Owner, and Founder

“To bring people together through food and wine that speaks honestly to the place it came from while also supporting the future of that place and leading the shift to a more mindful and sustainably focused industry. Also, to create a viable conversation between plate, bottle, and place that uplifts all three.”

– Aislinn McManigal, Estate Chef

“Though not the first or the last winery to be founded here on Red Mountain, Hedges Family Estate is a key member in creating and sustaining the Red Mountain AVA. Red Mountain is more special as a whole and Hedges Family Estate continues to be a core piece of highlighting what makes this AVA unique. I did not go to school to become a Logistics Manager but what has kept me here are the people I get to work with day in and day out. I feel lucky to work at a place where I can consider everyone my close friend.”

Adam Lieuallan, Logistics Manager

“There are few places on this Earth where the land and people work together in a unique harmony to create something that reflects the love for a craft, hard work, and dedication. To be surrounded by colleagues with the same passion for preserving this land is magic and can be felt every time opening a bottle of Hedges wine.”

– Kayla Braich, Vineyard Manager

“As a “lifer” in the Hospitality and service industry, it is very important to me to work in a place that I am inspired by, have belief in, has values, and values their team. The pride I take in my work and in bringing joy to my guests is something that I have cultivated my entire career. Working for a family-owned and operated business is about as authentic as it gets, you see the good and the bad, and you are in it together. Hedges Family Estate truly welcomes all into their world and you know that you are not just a cog in the wheel, you are a valued family member. I feel fortunate to have found a home to work at that I am passionate about, am excited to grow with in the future, and that I take pride in representing.”

Karla Riccobuono, Hospitality Director and Social Media Manager

Cheers to a New Year!

Hedges Family Estate

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