Happy 20th Anniversary Red Mountain!


Happy 20th Anniversary Red Mountain!

You became an official AVA in April 2001, but your legacy and roots have much more history. We have been promoting you on our labels since our very first vintage in 1987. Tom and Anne-marie Hedges have worked tirelessly to not only spread your beauty around the world, but to also attract countless visitors to see you in person. They saw how special you were and so in the three years leading up to official AVA status, Hedges Family Estate assembled the lengthy, detailed information which ultimately led to federal certification. On a worldwide level, you now have equal status to Napa Valley, Pauillac, and Montalcino! While your dusty, barren landscape, doesn’t look like it would provide the deep richness that winds up in a wine glass, you have a way of surprising us over and over again. Your slope attracts the sun, your dusty grounds make the vines struggle, the lack of rain makes the berry concentrate as many flavors and aromas as possible. The vine just wants to survive and that happens all over the world. What you provide for the vine, is a chance to thrive and to become a living legend through the wine it creates.

There is no greater power in this universe than Mother Nature and here at Hedges, we feel privileged and honored to be able to harness her energy every day to create an experience in your glass. Every ray of sunshine, every breeze that blows through, every drop of precious water, every ounce of nutrition the soil can provide gives us the opportunity to revel in your bounty. We appreciate all you have provided us for the past 35 vintages. We look forward to many more years of what you have given us and we’ll do our best through our biodynamic farming practices to provide for you in return.

-Sarah Goedhart

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